I design learning experiences for adults as well as children. I also love to write poems, listen to music and do yoga. Perhaps, you could visit my personal blog to view my poems.

Developing gamified, branching scenarios, and scenario-based elearning modules, designing visual treatment, creating icons and conceptual graphics, and creating animated learning modules are my strengths. I am also well-versed with developing materials for trainers.

I think my ability to empathize with the learners and see things from their viewpoint is one of my biggest plus point as an instructional designer. I am also good at identifying learning gaps and designing learning strategies to address these gaps. Weaving context and content to form a learning solution that resonates with the learners is my forte.

Writing is both my forte and passion. In my career, I have often donned the role of a creative writer and crafted stories and poems in both English and Hindi, my native language. If you would like to take a glimpse of my writing, do check out my blog.

Translation is other skill I have acquired during the past few years. I am actively involved in translating courses on Coursera into Hindi. Teaching is my other strong point.

Another skill that I have picked up of late is coding. I know the basics of Python, a programming language, and HTML and CSS.

Music is my other big love after writing; you can often spot me with earphones plugged into my ear. My other hobby happens to be reading.  I also love watching movies and period dramas.  Soccer and Tennis are the sports I love to watch and I eagerly attend the Tata Open Maharashtra.  I support Borussia Dortmund and the German national soccer team.

That’s my logo :), and the girl you see in the logo is me. When I am thinking, I like to hold a pen and a paper in my hands, a la old style.

You can head to my contact page to drop a line.