Elearning Circular Dial Template

This free elearning template makes use of Ariculate Storyline’s dial functionality to display image-related text. There are two versions. The first version displays all the labels; the second version displays one label at a time.

Beach-themed Tabs Template (PowerPoint '13)

Grab this cool, breezy beach-themed tabs free elearning template. The color palette used in creating the tabs are inspired from the colors usually associated with beaches. The animation effects used to fade in the text boxes up the cool quotient of this template. And yes! You can customize all the elements used in this template. So, do check this template, and let me know your opinion.


Elearning Process Interaction Template

This free elearning process interaction template (created as an entry for ELH Challenge #139) relies on Articulate Storyline’s ‘States’ feature to ensure sequential navigation. The fresh colours used to create the steps, and the content box lend elegance to the template.


Elearning Course Starter Template

This elearning template contains slides used in a typical course such as:

  • Intro Slide (static)
  • Objective Slide
  • Tabs Interaction
  • Rollover Interaction
  • Step Interaction
  • Click-and-Reveal Interaction
  • Quiz Slide

Button Kit for an E-learning Course (Articulate Storyline)

Download this customisable button kit freebie.  The text (explaining the function of the buttons) is visible upon hovering over the button. The kit comprises buttons for the following functions:

  • Previous
  • Next
  • Tip
  • Home
  • Menu
  • Glossary
  • Notes
  • Yes (Quiz)
  • No (Quiz)
  • Submit (Quiz)

Nature-themed Tabs Interaction Template

Check out this nature-themed honeycomb-inspired 3-tab elearning template that uses states, variables and animations to present content in an engaging manner. Both the tabs and the template are customisable.

Animated Bar Graph (Articulate Storyline)

Grab this file to check how motion path animation effect was used to create an animated bar graph.